EndRun Technologies, a North American company founded in 1998, specialized in time and frequency control systems for the telecommunication sector. Their equipment is used for military, aerospace, industrial communications, etc.

Among their systems you can find:

Standard equipment of time and frequency, based on GPS or CDMA technology, End Run uses ultra-stable oscillators with an accuracy of time less than 10 ns, when locked, and less than 6x10-14, during a day on Universal Coordinated Time.

Network Time Servers that use GPS or CDMA as a source of time synchronization, these devices provide accurate and reliable time within your firewall.

Distribution Amplifiers, to be able to create multiple copies of impulses, time codes and broadband signals, to distribute the signal.

Other products:

  • GPS and CDMA Preamplifiers
  • Fiber Optic Link
  • GPS antennas
  • Digital Clocks
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