Printech Circuit Laboratories

Printech Circuit Laboratories Ltd. has been working in the space sector for more than 25 years. Their circuit boards are on dozens of space craft, ranging from commercial communications satellites such as Inmartsat 4, to space science missions for ESA and NASA. One of the latest missions is Gaia - European mission that is producing a detailed three-dimensional map our Galaxy. They also work in EUCLID or e2v CCD array projects.

Printech also includes flexible and rigid circuitry for spacecraft and circuits for formula 1 racing cars.

Printech has also recently started to work on developing new antennas for Cubesats based on patch antennas “Nomex Design”, compact material formed by different layers that provide steadiness and stability to the antennas. The best solution to launch them to Space.

They manufacture also High Gain Patch Antenna Arrays.


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