Waka Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a Japanese company that includes different types of connectorized products: 

- Coaxial Products: Develops and manufactures connectors and coaxial cables that include microwave wave frequency bands up to 110GHz as well as microwave components such as phase shifters and filters.

Additionally, it offers excellent quality in millimeter wave products, precision components and high quality. 

- Digital Interfaces: Develops and manufactures connectors and interface cables and includes a wide variety of connection components and high-speed data transfer cables for different devices that are used at a particular level (Audio and video devices, etc.) as on an industrial level. It also offers customized designs based on its own design technology and knowledge of the materials. 

- It also offers Lithium Ion Batteries and Li-ion battery units, as well as all customizable power systems and power generators and mechanized products (molds, cutouts, PCBs ...).

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