Ainfo Newest Milimeter-Wave High Power Waveguide Load

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Ainfo Newest Milimeter-Wave High Power Waveguide Load

A-INFO’s waveguide loads are designed to provide a low VSWR and are available in various versions to handle different power applications. The standard models include low and medium power levels, and high power levels. The power terminations are produced with standard waveguide flange interface from 1.12 to 110 GHz.

The termination consists of a short length of waveguide and an integral matched terminal load. Individual resistive dielectric loads are tapered to precise wedge configurations for maximum effective power absorption. The gradual taper ensures a low VSWR over the full waveguide band. These loads have the capacity to absorb up to 10K Watts of power depending on the frequency band.

They are designed and manufactured to offer a good match for system applications. Custom levels of power handling are available under different model numbers.


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